A Bombay Cat To Complete Your Family

Their grace, stature, and natural wild side are something like that from a movie scene, and there is always a new light to see them in. They could be walking in from outside as the sun is setting and the shadows cast shapes representing felines of great tigers, stealthy jaguars, to feminine panthers all basking in their glory, a joy to experience.

Why then are cats so underrated when their beauty has been worshipped since as early as Egyptian times, add that face to your family portraits and it will only elevate the big picture, am I right? 

Too often people believe children should grow up with dogs, or fish essentially stuck in a bowl with no playtime, but they are missing out on the luxury of owning a cat that complements its independence with adoration. 

Why cats.

There are more positives, plus sides, and advantages to being a cat pet owner, see some of them here https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/51154/10-scientific-benefits-being-cat-owner but let’s also take a quick at the most popular reasons why cats are becoming increasingly popular in homes around the world.

  • Maintenance. Unlike most other animals cats are pretty self-sufficient and require the bare minimum to be safe and happy. A warm bed, fresh food, and water daily, and as they stroll in from the days’ adventures they curl up on your lap for their session of cuddles and coziness. Win-win.
  • Noise. By far the most commented-on trait or a close second is that you seldom hear them coming, or that they are even indoors. They pride themselves on quietness as their hunting instinct comes naturally as needed. This way you can sleep in without having to worry about waking up for a walk or toilet time. 
  • Pests. If you have ever been sat on the sofa and suddenly seen a little grey furball scurry across the floor to a corner of the room (which you now no longer approach) then you will know all too well the hatred for mice and pests in the home. Cats keep these critters at bay and your home free from rodents.
  • Cost. They groom themselves, they can entertain themselves with one or 2 simple toys for hours, and need no walking and even less training. These points can all end up costing you money, more than you would like to admit if it were another animal. 
  • Longevity. The old saying that a cat has nine lives rings true for these animals, they can live long happy lives, and with the proper diet and nutrition can do so with minimal health ailments or issues. 

We work hard, have full schedules (even more so if there are children in the house), and are constantly trying to meet what seems like impossible deadlines at work, add to that the stress of needing to care for a pet, and it can soon become overwhelming. Thankfully, being a cat pet owner, the latter is one less thing to stress about and you can enjoy your pet.

Choosing the right cat for your home.

There is nothing as precious as seeing your little girl light up when she sees you holding a tiny kitten with a big red bow on its neck, it may even cause her to tear up which then leads to you breaking down, so be prepared. 

Kitties are cute, but bringing a cat into the home as a pet for your child is still a decision that needs to be thought about on more basis than simply looks. Specific breeds and even the rare thoroughbred ones require personalized diets and nutrition, and these should be taken into consideration when looking for a cat to fit the family dynamic. 

You ideally want a friendly cat with a likeable personality, one that won’t cause too much stress or anxiety, especially if you are a first-time cat owner, and that can settle quickly. Take your time when choosing the right cat, look at its history, its origin, and the preferences of the breed, there is certainly something for everyone you just need to be patient when buying them.

What to look for in a cat.

You may think the process of buying or adopting a cat is simply walking into a kennel or adoption agency and picking the first one that appeals to you, and sometimes the fit is just right, but you need to be careful.

Look for a cat that is with its mother, do they have a bond, is the cat being nurtured or pushed aside, is the mother looking healthy and reasonably fit, this is a good indication of what you are likely in-store for as they age. 

Many first-time buyers and first-time pet owners feel nervous, it could be not wanting to fail, or wanting the right cat the first time around, either way, you need to know that you are not alone in this feeling. Others, see some in this link, have been through what you are experiencing and have come out the other side victorious and you will too. 

Take a look at the environment that the cat and her kittens have been or are living in if you are buying from an independent supplier, have they been treated well or will you be dealing with a traumatized pet who will need extra love and attention.

At the end of the day, you will know it is the right fit when you feel it, you just need to be patient and take your time with it. 

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