How to prepare for Class 8 Maths Olympiad

Maths is regarded as one of the oldest subjects in the history of humanity. It started with the form of counting. It might not even be considered a subject because it started to measure quantity. But it can be presumed that this is how mathematics started. It is evident from the past that maths originated mostly at similar times in four countries: India, Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia. The Pythagoreans gave the term “Mathematics”, which means “Study of instruction”. Mathematics includes numbers, quantity, analysis, geometry, and algebra. Mathematics is so important that it is taught from the preliminary level to the doctorate level. Kids are first taught to recognize numbers, then comes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mathematical reasoning, shapes, quantities, and so on. It is a myth that maths is for sharp minds. If a kid practices maths regularly, they will become sharper. 

The Maths Olympiad is an event for students belonging to any academic level. The Maths Olympiad is a competition between math students that inspires them to strive for excellence in mathematics. Preparing for the Maths Olympiad is not easy. Many learning opportunities would help to prepare for the Maths Olympiad. First, students must be familiar with the rules and regulations while preparing for the competition. To prepare, students can ask for help from teachers and also take advantage of some of the online resources available. If a student is preparing for this competition, he or she needs to get hold of the syllabus which includes Rational numbers, Square and Square roots, Cube and Cube roots, Exponents and Powers, Comparing quantities, Linear equations in one variable, Constructions, Algebraic expressions and identities, Understanding quadrilaterals, Mensuration, Data handling, Shapes, Direct and Inverse variations, Factorization, Graphs, etc. 

Class-8 is the period that is considered to be the turning point. It is the time when they enter high school, therefore they need to be provided with the right kind of training. The Maths Olympiad for Class-8 is open for students studying in Class-8. This exam would help them to face other competitive exams in the future. It sets the basis for the future of a kid. To prepare for the Maths Olympiad of Class-8, students should note the following suggestions or tips to excel in the exam:

  • The best way to prepare for the Olympiad is to know the types of tests to be taken. 
  • If a student has been given the Maths Olympiad exam, he or she might know what to expect while taking the exam. Most exams will come with a pre-study guide that explains how the exam will work. 
  • A student can take the help of a guide which provides information on the sections they should study, and how much practice time they should use. A student who can handle the time allotted for studying will do better.
  • Students should take a practice test before the Olympiad exam. It will assist them in determining which topics they are weak in and which topics they are strong in. This would also give them an idea of the type of questions that they might face during the exam. It would help them to prepare for the kinds of questions they would face during the real exam.
  • Students can also get help from the IMO Sample Papers for Class 8 of the Olympiad exam online. This would give them an actual reflection of the sort of problems they might face during the exam. Many online sites offer these tests, and they can be obtained easily. Students can find free practice tests before the Olympiad examination.
  • It is suggested that the students pay attention to the scoring system for the Olympiad. It would be best for them if they looked at the scale that is used to measure the marks. 
  • There is another tip for students who are preparing for the Olympiad. They should look at the signs of the exams on their marks, such as how accurate the answers were, how many answers they got wrong, how many questions were wrong, and how many additional questions they should prepare so that they get right. 
  • The students are also required to pay good attention to how much time they should spend on looking at the test booklet. The students waste hours studying and can not answer even one question properly.
  • Students should keep track of the types of questions they get correct on each exam while preparing for the Olympiad. Students who study enough are more likely to learn more about the topics and answer more questions correctly. If a student keeps a scorecard, he or she can check if they did well or not and can determine how much they need to study so that they answer correctly in the final exam.
  • It is suggested to the students that they should practice their problem-solving skills. There might be many problems which they go through during the Olympiad exam. They should practice the math problems they find difficult and make sure that they know how to solve every problem before taking the examination. 
  • The final suggestion for the students preparing for the Olympiad exam is to purchase various books which would be advantageous. The books contain practise exams, practice test questions, and sample questions as well so that they can get an idea of what the exam will be like before taking it. The books also contain multiple-choice questions and a discussion section in which the students can think about how to approach the different sums. 


Students preparing for Maths Olympiad can consider taking time to learn how it is different from other types of exams. A student should consider following the above tips for the Maths Olympiad. The Maths Olympiad is regarded as the best tool to increase understanding and confidence in math skills if a kid is having trouble with math problems at their academic level. 

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