What is a good score for the CLAT? What are the preparation tips to qualify for CLAT?

CLAT is a highly competitive exam and clearing the exam to get admission to an NLU is everyone’s choice. But what is a good score for the CLAT exam? Well the answer to that question is nearly 100. It gives that candidate the flexibility to get into the top 3 NLU’s. 

To get a seat in NLSIU Bangalore with a rank of 80 or more will be difficult for the candidate who is from the General Category. For NALSAR Hyderabad the candidates should have a rank of 200-220 if they belong to the General Category. The candidates above 350 rank can apply to NLU Jodhpur.

CLAT Exam Pattern

Before we discuss the CLAT preparation tips, we must first have a look at the CLAT exam pattern as given below. The exam will be conducted for 120 minutes with 150 questions and 150 marks. The section-wise marks and questions are as follows-

English Language28-32 Questions28-32 Marks
Current Affairs including General Knowledge35-39 Questions35-39 Marks
Quantitative Techniques(Elementary Mathematics)13-17 Questions13-17 Marks
Logical Reasoning 28-32 Questions28-32 Marks
Legal Reasoning35-39 Questions35-39 Marks
Total 150 Questions150 Marks

Preparation for the CLAT Exam

The steps to prepare for the CLAT Exam without coaching or from self-study are-

• Start the CLAT preparation early- Starting the CLAT Exam preparation early will help you to complete the basics and move into the complex questions. Later, you can start practicing the sample paper, mock test, etc. This will you to move a step ahead of the late aspirants.

• Make and Follow a Study Plan- Know your Exam syllabus and then according to the topics start preparing a Study plan. Read the books and the study material, that you have been provided. You need to know the suitable time for you to study, whether it is day or night, and start the preparation according to your preference. 
• Check the CLAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus- Be familiarized with the CLAT Exam pattern and syllabus. You need to know the basic criteria that are, negative marking, the questions asked are subjective or objective. Pay extra attention to the smaller details because we tend to forget them over time.• Do Regular Revisions- Re-Read the topics that you completed, don’t be too sure of your memory. Sometimes you forget the simplest and easiest question. With the regular revision, there is less chance you will forget anything and could answer them anytime. The human brain remembers those things which are done regularly rather than sometimes.

• Analyze the Previous Year’s Question- The best way to know the type of questions in the exam is by analyzing the previous year’s questions. This will help you know the weightage of various topics and the keywords. With the progression of time, some topics’ weightage starts to fade and shifts to other topics. So you need to know all these things and pay a little attention to those topics.

• Mock Tests- After every completion of topics, try to take a mock test. It will help you to identify your weaker areas and work on them to get better results.

• Learn time Management- Everyone should have a proper time schedule because in the exam hall nobody is receiving extra time. In CLAT UG will have 150 questions that have to be answered in 120 minutes; CLAT PG has 120 questions and 120 minutes. So, be faster and have management skills.

• Know Yourself- When you start studying you will face many loopholes in the preparation and as an aspirant you need to have good command over all subjects. Work on your weaker points and try to cover them up. Remember to focus on your stronger points also. 
• Stay Positive- It is easier to be demotivated but if you need to pass this exam then try to be motivated always. With a positive mindset, you will find the solution to the faults and you won’t slack behind. 

The above mentioned CLAT Exam preparation tips will help you to ace the examination without any coaching. It is advised that when you prepare from the BYJU’S Exam Prep mock test paper or the sample test paper.  Avoid distraction and have the correct time limit.

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