Knowing what glass memorials to get from cremation ashes

When making ashes to diamonds keepsake, you will have several options to pick from that include the following: 

Glass earrings from ashes 

It is an option that you have when making an ashes keepsake. In the same way that glass rings are made from ashes, the glass cremation earrings are created by having to make a memorial glass from the remains of cremation before you place them with a delicate setting of earrings. 

The memorial earrings do allow you to be extravagant or subtle as you wish. You can pick a simple stud setting having a small memorial glass to come up with a look that is unassumingly sophisticated and you can wear daily. Alternatively, you can pick a drop earring design that is flamboyant that has large memorial glass gems for a style that is fanciful and that you can wear for certain events. 

The cremation earrings can be utilized in honoring various people that have passed away. If you happen to pick the right design, you will be able to add several glass beads made from ashes to an earring set. In that way, you can be able to keep your loved ones to remain close together all the time. 

Using ashes for glass cufflinks 

Jewelry that is ashes infused isn’t just meant for women alone as you will also get various options for men. One of the options that are most popular among men is a set that is quite refined of cufflinks that are made from the ashes of those who passed on. 

The cremation cufflinks give you the opportunity of having your deceased loved ones remain present on special occasions. From birthdays and graduations to anniversaries and weddings, having your loved ones close to you when having major events in your life gives you a sense of comfort as well as closeness as compared to anything else. 

Just like with other memorial jewelry pieces, you can be able to customize the glass cufflinks that are made from the ashes of your loved ones in various ways. After you choose the design and color of the memorial glasses, you can pick on the style of cufflink as well as the metal that it is constructed from. The result is having a special quality keepsake that is symbolic of someone whom you once shared a particularly special connection with. 

 Pets ashes infused jewelry 

Jewelry that is ashes infused isn’t only meant for people who pass away, it can as well be a great way of commemorating the lives of your pets. The same process does take place when you turn the ashes of your pets as it happens with that of humans. 

You can decide to pick the memorial glass type which best suits your pet, decides on the jewelry type that you would wish to create, and then send a small amount of the ashes of the pet to a professional for them to be transformed into an eternal keepsake. 

Because the memorial jewelry only needs a small number of ashes to come up with one, like a teaspoon, it is very suitable when it comes to whatever size of the animal pet you have. 

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