4 Free and Reliable Tools Offered by PDFBear

Try asking students, corporate employees, and government staff about what file format they commonly use. You will find out that PDF is the type of document that they have constant interaction with. It comes with superior features that you can’t find in other file formats such as Word and Excel. For instance, it can embed the information contained in the file. As a result, file sharing becomes faster and more convenient. The recipient can open it regardless of the operating system and device he is using.  

If you are working remotely, you probably know how hard it is to manage a vast number of PDF files every day. Surprisingly, there is PDFBear to help you become more organized and productive. By accessing it, you can reduce the stress you feel in handling electronic files. Below are some of the tools it offers free of charge. 

  1. Merge PDF Tool

If you have several PDF files containing information about the same topic, why not consolidate them using the website? It has a merge PDF tool that can combine multiple files into one large document. It will save you from switching from one file to another which is quite challenging and confusing. It will also make searching for any information or data much easier. You just have to upload the files to the toolbox and wait for a few minutes for the process to complete. After that, you can already share and save the merged document in your preferred storage.

  1. Repair PDF Tool

Applications and software developed a few years ago are not capable of repairing corrupted documents. They are no longer recommended to use nowadays. If you want to fix the issue of your inaccessible file, it is best to use PDFBear. It will do everything in its power to recover the content in just a couple of minutes. Upload the document on the toolbox using the drag and drop option to start the process of regaining it. Take note that it might not resolve the issue if the damage is already too severe. Just because there is a chance that it will happen that you will no longer give it a try, right?

  1. Convert PDF Tool

The convert PDF tool is the most popular among students and working adults. It can turn your PDF files into other types of documents such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Besides that, it is capable of converting them into image formats including JPG and PNG. After you successfully upload the file, the tool will immediately process your request and complete the task within 2 minutes. The converted and original versions will look the same and the only difference is that they have different filename extensions. 

  1. Protect PDF Tool

If you want to maintain the confidentiality of your files, you may take advantage of the protect PDF tool of the website. If you utilize it, anyone who will attempt to open your documents will be required to input the associated password. All you have to do is to upload the document you wish to encrypt and think of a password that contains capital letters, small letters, and symbols. If you still want to improve the security of your PDF files, you must use the add watermark tool. It will save you from becoming a victim of plagiarism. You may use the initials of your name or business logo as the watermark.

Adopts a Time-efficient process

The website is aware that the majority of its users follow a hectic schedule. To let you use the tools it offers, it makes sure that they have time-efficient processes. You will not wait for more than 30 minutes just to merge, repair, convert, and protect your PDF files. To make it easier for you to use the tools, you can find the step-by-step process just below the toolbox.

If you try to visit the website, you will know that it incorporates elements and designs that are pleasing to the eyes. It is not confusing at all to navigate and find certain tools because they are all located in one corner. Even if you are a new user, you can easily get things done without asking for anyone’s help.

Works Smoothly on All Platforms

Many people don’t have the money to upgrade their old model laptops. If you are one of them, you are probably worrying if you can use it to access the website. It will not be a problem at all because it works smoothly on all devices. The web developers made sure that it can perform its functions even if the user is accessing it through an old laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It is also not strict with the type of operating system and browser to use. You just have to make sure that it is reliable to prevent your device from crashing. 

Top-notch Security System

The website uses a top-notch security system to uphold the safety and security of your uploaded and converted documents. It will ensure that the data breach is not possible to occur. With its 256-bit encryption technology, you will feel comfortable sharing your files with the website. It indicated in its customer privacy policy that it strictly implements a 1 hour rule. After the tool completes the process, it will give you an hour to download the resulting file on your device. If it lacks the space needed to successfully save it, you may opt to download it on your Google Drive or Dropbox account. You may copy the shareable link and paste it on your selected chatbox. You will miss the chance to do all of these things after the 60-minute timeframe. 

In a Nutshell

PDFBear is one of the most popular online tools today because it consistently provides a great user experience. It ensures that it addresses all of your concerns including the security issue. If you want to experience the best and most convenient way of manipulating your electronic documents, then visit the website now. All you have to do is to secure yourself with a stable internet, a working device, and a trusted browser! 

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